Animal Success Stories
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Happy (11/18)

I am not sure who needed who more, this dog is the absolute best! He now goes by Flash but he is still “Happy”. He goes everywhere with us, and loves to ride in the car. We go for hikes, walks and runs multiple times per week; I think I can safely cancel my gym membership at this point. I could probably go on and on about Flash, he really is a sweetheart and I am so happy to have him as a member of our family.

Emily (9/18)

Emmy is doing fantastic. She is a wonderful dog, and we couldn't be happier. We might have needed her more than she needed us. We have many daily routines which include waking both of our sons up every morning with wet dog kisses, right down to running in the house and standing nose to nose with the cabinet that holds her treat after her final bathroom break at night. (And pretty much every time she comes in the house after going potty). She is very well adjusted, and has made several doggie friends in the neighborhood. She is not a huge fan of car rides, yet insists on going with me on every trip that will allow her company. By far, the best decision we have ever made.


Binah (formerly Zakiya) is settling in and showing us a lot of love and joy.  She is affectionate and full of fun.  Binah has learned to walk on a leash, and now she is quite a neighborhood gal.  Though she is still shy of other dogs, she has made some canine friends in the neighborhood.  She loves all people!  And now, having taken a dog training class, she says hello nicely with a wagging tail but a sitting bottom, most of the time.  We are still working on teaching Binah the right things to chew: bones, yes, couch, no.  We will continue to reinforce the self-control she learned in dog training, so we can take her to new, open places to play.

Trigger (11/18)

Things are going well with my new mom. She changed my name from Trigger to Dakota, because it means friend, and she thought it was more fitting. She also registered my microchip God for bid I ever get lost :) We like to play a lot and cuddle. She also takes me to Onondaga Lake Park when it's not too cold so we can go for runs. I like to run, I also like to meet other people at the park.

I used to be afraid of the car but now I like it. My mom hooks me in the backseat so I can safely see outside and takes me on all sorts of adventures, we even got on an airplane for Christmas! I don’t really like small spaces, so she had to carry me on the plane. She asked me what happened in my life to make me so afraid but I don’t really remember. My new home is very loving. My mom rescued me, but she tells me that I really rescued her :)

Blitzen (12/18)

Things are wonderful here with Bama! It’s hard to believe he’s only been with us for 3 months! He’s a perfect fit in our family & he loves everyone as much as everyone loves him. He’s great friends with his fur sister, Nessee (our cat) and they love to play & nap together. We have a 2 yr old granddaughter that visits often and he gets so excited to see her but is always so gentle with her.

Mike, our 14 yr old who picked & named Bama, is his best friend. Bama knows exactly what time Mike gets home from school and is ready to play the minute he walks in the door. He also knows when my husband gets home & he greets him every night! I’m home with him all day so I get lots of cuddles, especially when I lay his favorite down comforter on the couch! Bama is the master of anything squeaky & he’ll play with his toys for hours, especially when we’re playing with him. His vet says he’s perfect & we couldn’t agree more.‰

I can’t tell you how grateful we are to have found your organization & how thankful we are for everything you do for these animals. We spread your name everywhere we can in hopes that others can find the love of their lives like we have!

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